About Uncle Harry's

--------- ABOUT US

A Tasty History

At Uncle Harry’s, we are dedicated to continuing our tradition of fresh bagels and great service. For almost 30 years, our staff have helped people start their day with a smile. All of our locations feature comfortable seating and free Wi-Fi, allowing you to bask in the rich aroma of coffee and bagels. Meet with friends and family, take a moment to pause during your day, and enjoy the smiles this experience will bring.

--------- THANK YOU ---------

Dear Family & Friends

Many of you still ask whether we’re a national chain; we just chuckle and reply, “No… we’re just your average ‘mom & pop’ next door.” In fact, as many of you may know already, we named Uncle Harry’s after Rena’s late grandfather, Haigus or “Harry” as his American cronies referred to him. He came to New York from the ol’ country, as a classic Old World gentleman.
A hardworking, entrepreneurial immigrant who had a perseverance and passion for producing only the highest quality products in his business. (He was known as the “Walnut King”). He was honest & humble and had an unsurpassable love for his family and community.

This same commitment—to the community, quality and to people—is at the heart of Uncle Harry’s New York Bagelry.

Uncle Harry’s spirit and passion can be seen in everything we do… from ALWAYS demanding sesame seeds from Sri Lanka, Maine blueberries, Australian poppy seeds to fresh chopped onions. There are generous amounts
of everything in our bagels and schmears to give the ultimate flavor explosion when you bite into an Uncle Harry’s bagel.

Uncle Harry’s allows us one of the greatest rewards we as humans can experience… helping our neighbors within our community. Through
Uncle Harry’s “Operation Doughnation” we are able to donate and/or help raise money for local schools, help out the local chapters of the American Red Cross, Leukemia Society, local homeless shelters and the like, as well as clean up graffiti, paint homes, plant trees and of course donating our bagels to many, many charities!

Looking back, all we can say is we’ve been very blessed. We want to thank all of you for your patience as we’ve gone through our “growing pains”.
And we want you to know how much we appreciate your continued, constructive advice and loyalty… YOU have made
Uncle Harry’s the success it is today!


Are you a bagel fanatic? Do you have an awesome personality? If so, we’d love to have you work with us.

Make a great impression at your next meeting with our amazing bagels! Get in touch with us for details.

Need a place to hang out or meet with friends? Choose one of our locations and have a great time.